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Floor Cleaning Bracknell

Clean floors at home, will allow for a higher level of indoor hygiene, though floors must be cleaned effectively on a regular basis. The more often you clean your floors, the less effort and resources this will take you. Problem is that although floor cleaning is not hard or excessively laborious, it is still a […]

Driveway Cleaning Bracknell

Just like any other feature of your property, the driveway must receive regular cleaning maintenance in order to keep it looking better and functioning properly for longer. Driveway cleaning definitely doesn’t top the list of average property cleaning chores, but nevertheless cleaning the driveway properly as often as possible is the right thing to do. […]

Patio Cleaning Bracknell

Patios are a great home addition as they provide for more style and make the property more functional. When newly constructed, the patio is clean, neat and pleasant to look at. The average patio though is battered by the elements for most part of the year, and different seasons and exposure to adverse weather conditions […]

Hard Floor Cleaning Bracknell

Many people prefer to fit their property with hard floors instead of carpeting or any other flooring solutions, despite the relatively high costs associated with purchase and installation of hard floors. This is so because hard floors are easier to clean, they are more resistant to chemical and mechanical damage, and because hard floors usually […]

Professional Cleaning Bracknell

When it comes to professional cleaning solutions for the home and office, Cleaners of Bracknell are the company you need, as we can handle any type of commercial or domestic cleaning request to the best of our ability, and ensure professional standard cleaning results without any excess costs for our customers. We are well aware […]

Commercial Cleaning Bracknell

Our Bracknell based business customers can take advantage of our professional and cost effective commercial cleaning service which is suitable for a range of different establishments, offices and commercial properties. Professional commercial cleaning is quite a serious and high responsibility process which must be handled by qualified, professional cleaners. Being a professional cleaning company with […]

Mattress Cleaning Bracknell

Keeping your mattress clean and sanitised as much as possible is quite essential for good bedroom hygiene and improved indoor air quality. Mattress cleaning is not a commonly performed cleaning chore, since many people have purchased hypoallergenic mattresses, with anti-bacterial coatings etc. However, in time with everyday use the average mattress will develop certain hygiene […]

Dry Carpet Cleaning Bracknell

If you require professional carpet cleaning but you are concerned about prolonged drying time and risk of damage to the carpet, then your best option would be to contact Cleaners of Bracknell and let us deal with the situation effectively. We can offer our Bracknell customers professional dry carpet cleaning service with guaranteed results. Dry […]

Window Cleaning Bracknell

Window cleaning is an integral part of effective property cleaning maintenance. If you appreciate a neat, clean property all round, then you would know how important it is to have the windows cleaned on a regular basis. Problem with effective window cleaning is that the process itself takes a lot of time and effort, more […]

Kitchen Cleaning Bracknell

The average kitchen sees a lot of daily use and abuse. Surfaces, appliances and cabinetry are almost always in use, and as such they will not take too long before the need for some serious cleaning becomes quite apparent. Usually, you can get away with somewhat slack cleaning efforts in other rooms of the house, […]